The LSP-Fortress has been designed for all types of membrane structures. This fabric has been constructed for high UV exposure and high tensile strength using a proprietary coating and woven design. The combination of the scrim weave and coating provides the fabric with enhanced strength, abrasion resistance, and UV resistance.


LSP-AcmeiMat geomembranes are long lasting, durable, and the best solution for any industrial liquid containment needs including oilfields, waste fields, agricultural, or water containment. These liners are made from impermeable multi-layered HDPE and specialty coating that provides a high hydrostatic resistance. The combination of innovative coating and woven fabric technology provide a high tensile and tear strength in addition to dimensional stability. These geomembranes have been engineered to be crack resistant in all conditions and simple to handle and install.


The LSP-SLR500 is a slitter rewinder that provides an efficient solution to woven poly management. Capable of slitting one roll into 2-4 finished rolls, this unit makes clean, even, and accurate cuts. This high-tech rewinder uses load cell sensors and pneumatic brakes for precise tension control. This unit also features a main control console and a floating unwind stand.


LSP-Obliterlight is a black-out fabric made specifically for poultry curtains. This fabric is engineered to minimize light penetration and maximize heat reflection for reduced summer temperatures. This fabric is UV and crack resistant and designed to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements. 

Lone Star Polypac is a family owned and operated United States based trading company with a focus on polyethylene and polypropylene products.